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Posted by ArrJaySketch - August 8th, 2022

Thank you all for your interest!

I am expecting this round to last 2~3 weeks, but it could be longer or shorter! I will likely open again for a number of rounds, so if you didn’t get a chance this time, don’t fret!

I did notice some minor issues with how I accept commissions this round, and I want to address them. Frustration should never be part of the process when ordering art from me! I want my clients to feel excited and that they are being treated fairly. It’s what I’d want to feel when I’m ordering art from someone!

When I uploaded my commission pricing sheet, I did fail to mention the most important part. The only way to grab a commission slot presently is to fill out the Google form for ordering a commission. The reason for this is because the form asks all the questions I need from you, the client, so it saves a lot of back-and-forth!

If Google Forms and Google Docs is truly inaccessible to you, I am thinking I could make a Microsoft Word Doc version of my Terms of Service, and Excel version of my order form; I’d just need a warning before I open for commissions again, because I have Google Form set to auto-close after a set number of entries.

As such, I am truly rebuilding my commission process from scratch! I am building off of what I learned in 2019, and before 2019 I can truly say I didn’t even have a process. I mean, I remember having a commissions page on my old Hedgefox Productions site, like, 15 years ago but it wasn’t great.

Next time I open for commissions, I want to do them Fridays (Central Daylight Time), not on a Sunday night! Ideally, I also want to give at least a week’s heads-up when I do open again. As far as long-term commissions go and when I’ll be opening them far in the future go, I am still figuring that out!

All that said, I do welcome feedback, and I am always looking to improve my process!

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